Bio 90

Bio 90

The new generation BIO 90 Chipper Shredder unit is the ideal synthesis of various different organic and vegetable waste shredding system solutions. It implements a single feeder chute for feed-in operations plus a double chipping and shredding system providing for screen-adjusted chipping size. The BIO 90 Chipper Shredder unit features either a petrol engine or an electric, three-phase motor. The grinding system is composed of two sections: the first, formed by two chipping blades, serves for chopping up wooden and fibre products such as wood, linden and willow slash, etc. the second, featuring 6 reversible mobile hammers, shreds products such as leaves, hedges, soil, kitchen waste, etc. Wood chip and compost chip fineness is adjusted to required size by way of a self-cleaning sieve. Chip discharge position too is ensured by way of an adjustable casing.



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