Einböck P-BOX-STI

Einböck P-BOX-STI


The P-BOX-STI is a pneumatic airseeder with electrical quantity dosage.The user-friendly SPEED-TRONIC control unit regulates the seed quantity depending on the factual working speed. The necessary speed info can be obtained via several sensors or via the 7-pole signal socket of the tractor.
With the P-BOX-STI (and also with the P-BOX-MD and the P-BOX-ED) it is possible to seed all standard seeds and their mixtures up to a size of 5 mm. Depending on the seeding rate and working speed it can be set to anywhere from 1 kg to 300 kg per hectare by a simple adjustment. It can easily be retrofitted on Einböck machines and also on machines of other manufacturers.


Various functions

• Hectare- and acre-calculation of daily and total areas
• Operating hours counter
• Automatic calibration test – optional with calibration button attached to the machine
• Automatic switching on/off of the seeding roller on the headland via upper link sensor (optional)
• Pre-dose-function
• Hopper level control (optional)
• Air flow control (optional)

Many sensors (e.g. air-flow, linkage, tank level,...) and additional features (calibration test button, GPS-speed sensor,...) allow a precise seeding and monitoring


Working width up to: 6.00m,

Tank volume (litres): 300,

Distribution plates: 8,

Weight approx. kg: 86,

Seeding rollers: B, E.

P-BOX-STI 1200

Working width up to: 12.00m,

Tank volume (litres): 300,

Distribution plates: 16,

Weight approx. kg: 105,

Seeding rollers: D, F.